Mobile Apps

Are you looking for a Zambian-based company to build your Mobile App? We have developers with over 10 years of experience in building Android & iOS apps for startups and big enterprises with brilliant ideas. We build for both Android & iOS.


Customer membership


Your app can offer your clients the option to sign up, giving you change to row membership affiliated to your brand and the services you have to offer them. Giving your business a wide range of options on product or services to showcase to these already existing clients.

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Member signup via your app

Push Notification


Push notifications allow your app to send notifications to all users that have app installed. This allows them to get back to the app even when they were not using the it and view any important notice you would like them to see.

Receive instant alerts on your app



Getting paid is arguably the best part of running any type of business. We can set up payment options for any mobile app we build. Payment options range from Credit cards, Mobile Money, pay-pal and many more. All this with easy transfer and withdrawal of money paid to you to any Zambian bank of your choice.

Visa & mobile money payment options for your clients

Geo Location


GPS Services allow you give app users a chance to track locations and share their location when the need arises. Depending on the requirements of your app, such a service would add great value.

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Maintenance & Support


Once the app is complete, the client has an option of having us on technical support to help them with any technical needs at a small reasonable monthly fee.

Have peace of mind - We have everything under control.

Experienced Developers


We have dedicated developers with over 12 years of experience in building high-quality apps. We produce results and we are always looking forward to seeing our mobile apps receive good feedback from their users.

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multiplatform - ios / android


We support multiple OS platforms. It does not matter how large your target audience is, we shall ensure your app reaches a wide range of mobile phones.

Multiplatform app development
iOS/Android development


Simply give us a call or request for quote. We shall get back to you instantly.