Why your Zambian business should accept mobile money & visa payments

Zambian business owners and consumers both know that mobile payments, credit card payments are here to stay.

Their growing popularity reflects both shifting customer expectations as well as new ways that businesses are getting work done. Because mobile commerce is now so ubiquitous, customers have come to expect payments to be seamless, frictionless, and nearly instantaneous.

At the same time, companies have increasingly embraced remote work and doing business on the go, making mobile payments an essential tool for getting things done.


Today, there is no reason to hold back on mobile: you can easily accept payments on a variety of devices, from phones to tablets.

Mobile payments can make the purchasing experience quick, easy, and effortless for both your customers.


Benefits of Mobile Payments

When you accept mobile payments, you benefit in more ways than one. For example, you get:

  • More convenience. Customers expect convenient payment options, and that now includes mobile. 
  • More revenue. When you accept mobile payments, you don’t have to turn customers away because they don’t use your preferred payment method, like cash or check. Mobile payments make it easier for people to say “yes” to your products and services. Additionally, an easy and convenient mobile payment experience creates a positive customer impression and encourages them to do more business with you. 
  • More efficiency. Mobile payments help you get paid faster, cut down on paperwork, and maintain a favorable cash flow. Because you don’t have to process stacks of paper invoices, track down payments, or wait for customer checks to arrive, you have more time to grow your business. 
  • More for less. Another benefit of mobile payments is the cost of hardware, which is minimal when compared to other payment solutions. Tablets and phones are far more affordable than computers, and also more cost-effective than purchasing or leasing credit card processing machines. This makes offering mobile payments a relatively barrier-free solution for small Zambian businesses.


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